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Dubai, a city that never sleeps, is driven by power and innovation. Whether you're setting up a residential or commercial project, securing DEWA Approval is a critical step in ensuring access to electricity and water. Fitout Approval, a prominent company, specializes in providing engineering services to help you acquire DEWA Approvals efficiently and hassle-free. Our professional and qualified team is dedicated to supporting your water and electricity needs.

About DEWA Approval in Dubai:

DEWA, an acronym for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, is a public utility company that has been powering the vibrant city since its establishment on January 1, 1992. DEWA's role goes beyond being a mere utility provider; it's a beacon of innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions in energy generation, smart homes, big data management, and addressing challenges and opportunities in the utility sector. DEWA is also responsible for billing, customer and supplier metrics, energy consumption analysis, and production. With a vision of a Sustainable Innovative World-Class Utility, DEWA aspires to provide world-class customer service.

DEWA's Power and Water Provision:

  • Submit a Letter of Intent (LOI): Start by drafting a Letter of Intent on your company’s official letterhead. This document should contain essential information, including the project’s name, location, type (e.g., residential or commercial), estimated start and completion dates. As you embark on your business journey in Dubai, remember that DCD Approval is your key to a secure and prosperous future. With the expertise of Fitout Approval Team, your path to success is clear, and your establishment can thrive in the thriving city of Dubai.
  • Project Proposal Form: Once DEWA approves your LOI, proceed to submit a Project Proposal Form, available on DEWA’s website.
  • Site Plan Approximation: Present a Site Plan Approximation that provides a comprehensive layout of your project, detailing building locations, landscaping, parking areas, and more.
  • Detailed Site Plan: After approval of your Site Plan Approximation, submit a Detailed Site Plan with more precise measurements and markings.
  • Technical Drawing: Prepare a Technical Drawing detailing the electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, and other systems to be installed in your project.
  • Building Permit Application Form: Fill out a Building Permit Application Form, which can also be obtained from DEWA’s website.
  • Engineer’s Conformance Report: Submit an Engineer’s Conformance Report, covering a thorough review of building codes and regulations to ensure compliance with Dubai’s legal standards.
  • Occupancy Certificate: Finally, before anyone can move into the completed development, acquire an Occupancy Certificate. This certificate is issued after successful inspections, ensuring the safety and compliance of your building with DEWA’s regulations.

Fitout Approvals Team :

Securing DEWA approvals can be a daunting task, involving numerous documents and procedures. Fitout Approval Team specializes in facilitating a seamless DEWA approval process for homes, offices, and buildings in Dubai. Our dedicated professionals ensure that all your approvals are obtained promptly, helping you navigate Dubai's regulatory landscape with ease. In addition to DEWA approval, we offer various other approval services in Dubai, making us your trusted partner for streamlined approvals. Fitout Approval Team is here to simplify your journey, ensuring your power and water needs are met efficiently and effectively.

With Fitout Approval Team by your side, you can rest assured that DEWA approvals will be handled seamlessly, allowing your projects to thrive in this vibrant city.

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