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DIFC Approval Process in Dubai : A Comprehensive Guide

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the eminent financial hub spanning 110 acres across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, requires a meticulous approval process for fit-outs. As a registered contractor with DIFC, we streamline the complexities of DIFC fit-out approvals, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

We provide a comprehensive guide through the DIFC approval process:

  • Initial Meeting: Before the submission process, we meet with the facilities management team of the project building. This consultation helps us understand the unique requirements and processes involved in each building, setting a clear direction for the submission.
  • Online Portal Submission: All applications for construction work are submitted through DIFC’s online portal. The initial submission typically takes three to seven working days to receive a No Objection Certificate (NOC).
  • Additional Approvals: In addition to the primary submission, various other approvals are required. These include concept drawing applications, shell and core applications, and general works applications.
  • Initial Site Inspection: Once all the approvals are in place, we schedule an initial site inspection to ensure that the site is prepared and safe for the fit-out work.
  • Surprise Site Inspections: DIFC may conduct unannounced site inspections once the work has commenced to verify that the work aligns with the approved submission.
  • Final Inspection: Upon completing the project, we apply for a final inspection to obtain the fit-out completion certificates.

Documents and Drawings Required for DIFC Approval:


For a successful DIFC approval, the following documents and drawings are essential:

  1. Fit-Out and HSE Induction Checklist: (ref. DIFC-FT-FO-06 Rev. 07), signed by FOSP, the tenant’s representative, and tenant’s contractor.
  2. In-Principle Approval
  3. Signed and Stamped General Terms and Conditions: For Tenant and Contractor for Type A fit-out.
  4. Refundable Security Deposit Cheque Receipt: from the tenant’s contractor in favour of “DIFC Investments LLC” (as per Schedule of Fees, Section 2.7).
  5. Contractor Commercial License
  6. Common Area Condition Report: With photos.
  7. Tenancy Contracts
  8. NOC from Building Owner/Real Estate/Management
  9. Final Approvals: From DEWA and Dubai Civil Defence.
  10. Contractors’ All Risks Insurance
  11. Workmen’s Compensation Insurance
  12. Letters of Undertaking
  13. Scope of Work
  14. Health and Safety Certificates
  15. DIFC ID Cards for Contractor
  16. Existing and Proposed Drawings

Fitout Approvals Team :

Fitout Approvals Team is your gateway to securing DIFC fit-out approval with confidence. Our mission is to simplify the approval process from various Dubai authorities and ensure your real estate venture proceeds smoothly. Let us be your trusted partner in making your Dubai property dreams come to life.

Contact us today and embark on your journey to owning a piece of Dubai's architectural masterpiece with DIFC's exacting standards.

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